Bicycle Hits Another Bicycle

Today a bicyclist hit another bicyclist near the Walgreen’s at Peterson and Western in Chicago. One of the bicyclists was coming out of Walgreen’s when the second bicyclist, who was driving on the sidewalk, t-boned the first bicyclist. The collision resulted in seriously twisted tires and a sprained ankle. The personal injuries in this case were minor, but the front bicycle tires will need to be changed.

It is very important for bicyclists to realize that the rules of the road apply to them. They can cause personal injuries just like automobiles. Although there is no bicycle liability insurance, their general homeowners liability insurance will cover negligent acts that they commit. Although bicycle injuries caused by a collision with another bicycle are rare, they may have serious consequences and victims of personal injuries, including injuries to pedestrians.

The Chicago bicycle injuries attorneys have handled numerous cases that involve bicycle vs. bicycle collision or bicycle vs. pedestrian collision. With the nice weather and expensive gas, there are more bicyclists on the road and the sidewalk than ever. We urge all bicyclists to be careful when they drive. Download our Free Bicycle Safety Brochure.

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