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Arens Controls Company, L.L.C. boasts as a world leader in engineering and manufacturing precision operator interface control systems, and systems for commercial vehicles. Based on preliminary information, it appears that in its quest for technical leadership, the company neglected the safety of its own workers. Today one person died and ten others were injured when a chemical exploded in one of their warehouses. Seven workers and three police officers were taken to the hospital. According to hospital personnel, the victims were exposed to potassium hydroxide, a skin and respiratory irritant.

Tragedies like these are preventable if the company had followed proper safety precautions. Investigators from the Illinois State Fire Marshall’s office and OSHA have been called in and the results of the investigation may take many weeks.

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Plainfield police say a 12 year old boy is responsible for 5 area fires that occurred during the Christmas season. The boy originally came forward to police as a witness but investigators decided to keep an eye on him after realizing his story didn’t hold up. Police caught the boy on Monday allegedly breaking into a car. After bringing him into the station the boy confessed to setting the fires. Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek said the boy was motivated to see how big the fires would get. The boy has been in foster care for several years with the same family since his mother died of cancer. The boy is being held for starting five fires on the same block from December to January. Police say the boy entered unlocked cars that were either in the driveway or in attached garages and started the fires with whatever he found inside the vehicles. The boy who has no prior criminal record but now faces five counts of arson, three counts of burglary, and two counts of criminal damage to property. Although there was extensive property damage, there was no personal damage and no one experienced burns because of the fires. If you or someone you know is the victim of a fire and experiences burn injuries it is important that you know your legal rights. Experienced attorneys Zneimer & Zneimer can help you know your legal rights. Call and schedule a free personal injury consultation.

In relation to our last post about fire ordinances, there was a fire early Tuesday morning at an 3-story complex on 130th street, near the far south side of Chicago. Sergeant Mike Saladino, a veteran of 11 years, was on a routine patrol early Tuesday morning around 3:15 a.m. when he heard there was a fire about two blocks from his location. He responded immediately and arrived in a matter of minutes. A tow truck driver, who was originally there to repossess a car, was already on the scene and had just smashed open the jammed door of the first floor apartment. The tow truck driver had a fire extinguisher in hand and was attempting to put out the blaze. Two small children were reportedly trapped in the burning building. The American Burn Association state that there are approximately 1.1 million burn injuries in the United States each year severe enough that they warrant medical attention. Experienced accident and injury attorneys Zneimer & Zneimer p.c. understand the immediacy and sensitivity required in handling cases that involve burn injuries.

Unfortunately Officer Saladino and the tow truck driver were unable to rescue the two small children. The flames were too extreme, and the smoke too blinding. According to the Chicago Tribune, Officer Saladino was very distraught that he could not save the children. He said he could not stop thinking about his twin daughters at home, who were around the same age as the victims. He kept thinking what if it had been them in the fire. That’s what drove him to run into the burning building. The Tribune reports that Saladino was very emotional and could not bear to look at the two small bodies of the victims brought out once the fire was put out.

The fire was started by a 6-year old boy attempting reheat some pizza on the stove top in the kitchen. His pregnant mother was asleep in another room. She was a single mother doing the best she could with 3 kids and one on the way. She and the 6 year old boy managed to escape the fire, but it claimed the lives of her other two children Destiny Myles (3) and Jeremiah (1). She attempted to run back in and save the kids twice but passed out due to heavy smoke. The pregnant mother is currently in critical condition in the hospital. There is no word yet if the complex was completely up to fire code. If the building is older than 1975, it is not required to have a sprinkler system. The officer and tow truck drivers are definitely very brave men to have run into a burning building. Sadly fire fighters did not arrive on the scene in time. If you or someone you love have been involved in a fire, please contact accident injury attorneys Zneimer & Zneimer p.c. who can help assess the specifics of your situation discuss appropriate choices with you.

As far as winters in Chicago are concerned, this has been a fairly mild one. Although, we all know how quickly the weather can change here in the windy city. Freezing cold weather is just around the corner. Along with the cold weather, people like to enjoy warmer treats such as soup and hot chocolate. There is however, a hidden danger that comes along with the instant soups. Doctors in burn units of hospitals see at least 2 out of 3 patients a week that have been burned by instant soup. Most of the time, these patients are small children and toddlers who accidently tip the cups over on themselves. Many of these patients are treated for burns all over their entire bodies. According to NPR, 8 of 12 hospitals nationwide claim they see this type of injury several times a week.

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It is not difficult to understand why the cups are tipping. The cups tipping over can be attributed to the way they are designed.

As reported by Fox News, last week Tommy Beams (Seattle, Washington) went into surgery to get a bump removed from his head. What he thought would be a short- routine procedure, has become a nightmare. During the procedure, his oxygen mask burst into flames while he was under anesthesia. Tommy believes the fire was ignited by a cauterizing tool used during surgery, but the hospital is still investigating the cause.

“It’s just surreal, to see skin melted off your face, and look in the mirror and see chunks of skin hanging from your face, it’s not a pretty sight,” exclaimed Tommy. He describes the feeling of being burned as extremely painful, and is brought to tears on a daily basis. The burns on his face should be healed in about a year according to doctors, but I believe the horrific events will haunt him for the rest of his life. One tends to always have second thoughts before going into surgery, but you never expect such an awful experience to happen to you.

The sad thing is, this was the second time an accident like this has occurred in a week. A similar situation happened to a 29 year old Florida woman who underwent surgery to get a cyst removed. Her oxygen mask burst into flames and she now has burns on her face and head. She is afraid to show herself to her kids. She doesn’t want them to see what has happened to their mommy. Who is at fault when such a terrible accident occurs? Clearly these hospitals will be liable, but what preventative measures are being done to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Under the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology Act of 1985, 225 ILCS 410/1 et seq., licensed cosmetologists “are prohibited from using any technique, product, or practice intended to affect the living layers of the skin.” 225 ILCS 410/3-1. Removal of unwanted hair involves affecting the dermis, which is a living layer of the skin.

The Act states that the “term cosmetology includes rendering advice on what is cosmetically appealing, but no person licensed under this Act shall render advice on what is appropriate medical treatment for diseases of the skin.”

Only persons who are qualified and under the supervision of a medical doctor may perform laser hair removal. A physician may “delegate the performance of non-ablative procedures to a licensed practical nurse, a registered professional nurse, or other persons” with on site supervision by the physician or by telephone or other electronic means. 68 Ill. Adm.Code § 1285.336(b)(3)(B). Before the physician delegates the use of laser, “[t]he physician must examine the patient and determine a course of treatment appropriate to the patient prior to any ablative or non-ablative procedures.” 68 Ill. Adm.Code § 1285.336(b)(3). The person delegated the authority to perform any laser procedures “must have received appropriate, documented training and education in the safe and effective use of each system utilized.” 68 Ill. Adm.Code § 1285.336(b)(4)

Numerous spas have cropped up in Chicago and the suburbs, which advertise laser hair removal services. Some of these spas call themselves “medical spas” and declare that they use FDA approved lasers, and that therefore the laser hair removal performed at the spa is safe, guaranteed, and FDA endorsed. They claim that their hair removal service is “non invasive” and specifically designed to safely remove hair.

However, these claims are misleading for several reasons.

First, hair removal is invasive as the hair root is located within the dermis, which is a living layer of the skin.

There is growing concern nationwide over laser treatments being performed at medical spas, also known as medispas. Laser hair removal procedures are being done by individuals who may not have any medical expertise and may not be properly trained in the use of lasers. Several people have suffered burns and scarring as a result of laser treatments that were not safely performed.

A survey of members of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery done in 2003 showed a 41% increase from 2001 in the number of patients seeking medical help for skin treatments that were improperly performed by nondoctor technicians.

Procedures that effect the structure or function of the skin, such as laser hair removal, qualify as medical procedures as defined by most state medical boards. This means that the procedure must be performed by a doctor or supervised by a doctor. States have different rules about what constitutes supervision, and in many states a doctor may only be at a spa periodically. If a problem should occur during treatment, a doctor may not be there to help.

A train that derailed and then exploded due to its ethanol contents is the cause of numerous lawsuits in Rockford, Illinois. It happened on June 19, 2009 and has led to numerous lawsuits of different claims. The most obvious claim is the one that extends from death and injury due to burn injuries sustained in the accident. But there are other claims that say the train company is liable because it put people in the danger zone of possibly being hurt or killed. There are also several claims from people who witnessed the accident for emotional trauma. While no one has yet to file a claim against the sheriff’s department there has been news and blogger speculation that there should be.

Apparently there were numerous 911 calls made to the Sheriff’s department about a section of washed out track. It was then reported to the railway company but they chose not to close the track and the Sheriff’s department did not act further on the issue. People stopped in their cars as the train passed said they knew something was wrong as the train cars were seen as “bouncing” along the track. Finally one completely derailed and landed in front of a stopped van. The contents of the car spilled and lit on fire killing one passenger in the van and severely injuring two others. Their injuries were from burns. The woman who died got out of the van and was engulfed in flames. Other stopped cars tried to get away and many watched in horror as the woman on fire burned to death before their eyes.

The family of van passengers have filed suit for the death of their mother and for their other injuries which included the loss of one woman’s baby only five months along. It is surmised that these burn injuries will be covered by the train company in a settlement.

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