Instant Soup Can Kill You

As far as winters in Chicago are concerned, this has been a fairly mild one. Although, we all know how quickly the weather can change here in the windy city. Freezing cold weather is just around the corner. Along with the cold weather, people like to enjoy warmer treats such as soup and hot chocolate. There is however, a hidden danger that comes along with the instant soups. Doctors in burn units of hospitals see at least 2 out of 3 patients a week that have been burned by instant soup. Most of the time, these patients are small children and toddlers who accidently tip the cups over on themselves. Many of these patients are treated for burns all over their entire bodies. According to NPR, 8 of 12 hospitals nationwide claim they see this type of injury several times a week.

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It is not difficult to understand why the cups are tipping. The cups tipping over can be attributed to the way they are designed.

They are tall, lightweight, and have an unstable base. A study was done to measure the tipping points of many of these instant soups, and Cup Noodles by Nissin, one of the cheapest and most popular, was also the most prone to tipping over. It has sold over 25 billion worldwide. It spills at a mere 22 degree angle. The noodles in the soup are more dangerous than the scalding hot liquid because the noodles tend to stick to the skin, essentially leading to deeper and more severe burns. These burns can leave permanent scarring and limit the mobility of joints.

It seems as though the easiest solution to this problem could be simply flipping the cup over, describes Dr. Greenhalgh. He feels inverting the design of the cup so that the base is wider than the top of the cup can be a cost friendly solution, much like the design of a Yoplait yogurt container.

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