Chicago Baby Killed in Hit and Run Accident

The Chicago Wrongful Death Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. take note of the tragic loss of 6-month-old baby boy that lost his life at the hands of a hit-and-run driver. As the members of our community mourn this loss, we remain certain that the same thoughts are shared—how could a motorist be so callous as to cause a collision and then leave the scene of the accident?

As attorneys, we wish we could provide the mother of 6-mos-old Yeshua Shaford, with an answer. To hold your child in your arms as the mother reported, ‘as he took his last breath,’ is simply unimaginable.

With the help of witnesses to the accident, including the boy’s father, authorities were able to identify the hit-and-run-driver. In what we see as a merely a partial redemption in justice, the hit-and-run driver did in fact later turn himself to authorities. It was also discovered that the motorist was operating his vehicle with a suspended license.

While criminal liability in accidents like this is certainly important, civil liability is an equally important consideration. While nothing-can EVER-replace the lost of your loved-what should be considered is the possibility of entitlement to compensation for your losses.

Wrongful Death is a highly touchy subject, particularly with the loss of a child. While grieving a loss, it is hard to consider the potential for recovery for damages. Not only do the moments following the death seem overwhelming at times, the consideration of compensation can seem so far and displaced.

Zneimer and Zneimer, P.C. understands, that parents struggle with what to do following a fatality—they just want to survive the initial event. We understand that you know that you need to make funeral arrangements and notify family, all while trying to hold it together-but this is not always so easy to do as you begin to try to accept the loss of a loved one. No matter how strong you are-death is not easy for anyone-and especially not the mother of an innocent baby.

With decades of experience as wrongful death attorneys, we truly understand the sensitive nature of wrongful death action. At the same time, our compassion extends only to the victims of this accident-and not the thoughtless actions of the hit-and-run driver. We understand that while a motorist may operate their vehicle in a negligent manner, when a negligent motorist also leaves the scene of an accident, without any care for the victims, these actions are simply unforgivable.

At Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. we believe that the victims of accidents involving negligent motorist should be held liable to the fullest extent possible, both criminally and civilly. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

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