Chicago Campaigns For Bicycle Safety

The city of Chicago has launched an aggressive campaign to promote bicycle safety to avoid bicycle accidents and to raise awareness of traffic laws geared to bicyclists. As part of the Safe Streets for Chicago program, alderman in five wards, local Police commanders, parking enforcement aides, and Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors have partnered to educate motorists and bicyclists regarding old and new city ordinances related to bicycle safety.

Events from May to August will highlight dangerous behaviors that cause injuries to cyclists, such as motorists who park in bike lanes, and motorists who open car doors into a cyclist’s path.

Additionally, Chicago law enforcement staff is receiving special training on enforcing new bicycle safety ordinances that were passed in March of 2008. The Chicago Department of Revenue’s parking enforcement aides have received special training on enforcing the city’s bike lane ordinance, which now carries a $150 fine, up from $100 from last year according to a CDOT press release. All of these activities are aimed at teaching motorists and bicyclists to share the road.

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