Chicago Organization Pushes For More Protected Bikeways

Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance has launched The Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign which seeks a 100 mile network of protected bikeways in Chicago by 2015. A small section of protected bike lane has just been opened on W. Kinzie St. near downtown Chicago. Such protected bikeways have shown to decrease bike accidents in other cities such as Portland, Oregon and Quebec, Canada where they have been introduced. On one New York street where a protected bike lane was introduced bike accidents were reduced 30% while bike traffic rose 40%. The Chicago personal injury lawyers of Zneimer & Zneimer are aware of how dangerous the streets of Chicago are for bicyclist by the number of bicycle injury cases we handle. If Chicago were to introduce a comprehensive network of protected bike lanes, not only would bike injuries in Chicago be reduced but many more people would use their bikes instead of driving which would relieve congestion on the roads and reduce auto emissions into the air.

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