Chicago Pedestrian Hit By Driver Cutting Through Gas Station

A hit-and-run driver cut through a gas station on Chicago’s south side on Monday to avoid a traffic light when he hit a pedestrian and fled according to WGN news. The pedestrian accident occurred in the 6200 block of South California at about 10:15 pm. The hit-and-run vehicle was a red SUV with a roof rack and it was headed north bound.

As personal injury attorneys in Chicago, the law firm of Zneimer & Zneimer has noted that this type of accident is common in Chicago, unfortunately. It is all too common for drivers to cut through gas stations, putting pedestrians who are either walking in the gas station lot or on the side walks adjacent to the gas station at risk. Chicago police should do more to end this practice. One idea is to stake out gas stations where this activity is common on certain days so offenders know the police are cracking down on this dangerous and stupid behavior.

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