Chicago Safe For Pedestrians Compared To Other US Cities

In a new study conducted by Transportation for America, the Chicago-Naperville-Joilet area ranked 41st most dangerous for pedestrians out of 51 cities studied. The top five most dangerous areas for walking were Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Memphis. The fact that Orlando is number one is probably no surprise to anyone who has been there. Even though there are tons of tourists walking around many areas around hotels do not even have sidewalks so people are forced to walk on the side of the road.

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that in 2008, 52 pedestrians were killed and 3,225 were injured in Chicago pedestrian accidents. As Personal Injury attorneys in Chicago, Zneimer & Zneimer can testify from experience that auto against pedestrian accidents almost always produce injuries to the pedestrian. We also see many of the same types of accidents over and over again. One of the most common pedestrian accidents in Chicago is where a left turning vehicle plows into a pedestrian in the crosswalk of the street that the driver is turning on to. Drivers are probably looking for on coming cars and forget to look for pedestrians.

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