Close-call for Minivan following Collision with Semi

The Chicago Trucking Accident attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. take note of a recent incident between a semi-tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle. According to reports, a minivan became embedded behind a semi-truck, and was subsequently dragged for miles, apparently due to the trucker’s complete and utter obliviousness of the fact that a collision had occurred.

As depicted in a highly disturbing 911 call, a minivan struck the rear-end of a semi-truck, as both vehicles northbound in white-out conditions, along I-75 in Michigan. In the van was a family of four—the husband-driver, his wife, and their two small children. In calls to 911, the wife states “We ran into the back of a semi-truck and he’s not stoppin’, and our car is embedded underneath of it,” followed by the husband stating “If the van breaks out from underneath him, I don’t have any control of this thing.”

Fortunately police located the interlocked vehicles, and were able to get the semi to pull into a rest area. However, this was after the minivan was dragged a shocking 16 miles, unbeknownst to the truck driver. Although no one was injured, this incident certainly could have resulted in disaster.

From the perspective of skilled legal professionals, this close-call event, brings forth several concerns. First, as truck collision attorneys, we are inclined to take into consideration each driver’s potential culpability in causing this horrific incident. In example, was the truck driver fatigued, distracted, or impaired? Did the van not stop in time—or—did the truck stop too quickly—or—was it a combination of both given the weather conditions?

Second, this incident shows how accidents involving a truck can vary greatly from others. Regardless of weather conditions, the visibility area around a semi is much more limited than with a passenger car, and while this incident was certainly unusual, this sort of event could perceivably occur in normal conditions as well. In addition, consider the truck’s massive size, and the driver’s (purported) unawareness that a vehicle had struck him. Again, depending in the size/type of passenger car, one could perceive how this type of incident could potentially occur again in the future.

Third, this event demonstrates how harm can be inflicted upon a victim despite actual bodily injury. Imagine how frightening this incident must have been for the couple and their family. Consider being dragged for 16 miles by a tractor trailer—and with your children in the car. It is not difficult to imagine the mental, emotional, and/or psychological distress that an experience of this nature could cause.

The Trucking Accident attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. hope that motorists will keep this incident in mind when traveling along roadways shared with large trucks, particularly during periods of inclement weather.

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