Dangerous dogs attack woman and police officer in the Southwest Side of Chicago

Two grey pit-bull terriers attacked a woman while she was returning home from the Laundromat in the Little Village neighborhood at about 3:40 pm. The dogs also attacked an Ogden District police officer that was responding to the emergency. The police officer shot one of the dogs.

The woman and the Chicago police officer were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where both were treated for multiple bites. According to police sources, as the woman was trying to enter the back of her home, one of the two dogs bit her on her right hand several times and then lunged for her neck. When she lifted her wounded arm to protect her neck, the dog bit her in the underarm area.

A neighbor whose attention was caught by the woman´s screaming, threw a piece of meat at the dogs trying to distract them as the injured woman was lying on the ground, police said.

A responding police officer came to the scene and as he was getting out of his car, the dogs attacked him as well. One dog bit his left arm and the officer tried to free himself using his baton, but it did not work. With no other choice, he shot the dog near its front “shoulder” area and the dog let him free finally. The officer was working alone that day.

The woman, who suffered five puncture wounds to her right hand and an “open wound” to her armpit area, was taken by an ambulance to the hospital. The officer, who was also taken to Mount Sinai, was treated for bites to his left arm and right calf and knee, and suffered serious muscle injuries, police said.

Although Animal Care and Control impounded both dogs, officials determined only one was the “biter dog,” a 1-and-a-half year old pit-bull mix named “Blue,” who remains in the care of animal care authorities Wednesday after it was treated for a gunshot wound to its leg, which is not thought to be life threatening, according Animal Care and Control spokesman Brad Powers. According to Powers, Blue will remain until an investigation is completed that will determine if the dog is safe to own without restrictions but has not been taken away from its owner, who redeemed the other dog.

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