Divvy Bikes: What to do After a Crash

As bike sharing continues to expand throughout Chicago, the Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. take note of the growing number of bicycle accidents involving Divvy bikes. Being involved in a bike crash can be stressful experience-so much so, that it can cause a victim to forget what actions need to be taken following an accident. In some cases, the victim may not know what post-accident procedures are necessary and/or appropriate. Our injury lawyers discuss the steps that a bicyclist should take in the event a collision occurs while using a Divvy bike.

Step 1. Call 911 immediately after the incident to obtain emergency assistance. For non-emergency situations, the victim can call 311 instead.

Step 2. Call the police district where the crash occurred, and file a police report. To find the appropriate district, see Police Districts in Chicago. Make sure the officer properly documents all information pertaining to the accident, including the facts of the incident, the parties involved, as well as any potential witnesses.

Step 3. Notify Divvy within 24 HOURS of the incident, by calling 1-855-55-DIVVY, and speaking with a Customer Service Representative regarding the facts of the crash. Divvy will provide the victim with a Divvy Crash Report to fill out.

In addition to the steps listed above, there are other measures that the victim can take to ensure proper documentation, preservation of evidence, and protection of legal rights. This is particularly important where the victim intends to file a claim seeking compensation for their injuries or damages. For more on this topic, see ‘What to do After a Bicycle Crash.’

Victims should also remember that the bicycle remains the responsibility of the pass/key holder that took out the bike, until it has either: (1) been properly locked at a dock; or (2) handed over to a Divvy representative. In some cases, the bicycle itself can serve as evidence in the event that a claim is subsequently filed. For this and many other reasons as well, it can be highly beneficial for the victim to discuss the incident with an attorney as soon as possible following the crash.

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