Illinois Auto Accident Caused by DUI

On Thursday, October 8,2009, a truck accident occurred by a Northwest Side shopping center leaving a total of three adults and two children injured. The truck apparently struck a parked car and then a tree. It happened just north of the Riverview Plaza Shopping Center. All four of the truck’s passengers were taken to nearby hospitals including the driver himself.

Apparently the driver will be charged with a DUI in the case. This could open him up to civil suits for negligence. He did not apply due care in his driving by drinking alcohol prior to driving and the DUI shows he was clearly over the limit to be able to operate a vehicle.

Drinking and driving is just a bad idea. Not only would you face charges in court that might find you having to pay a fine, give up your license for a period or worse, but if you harm other people in the process you will be subject to civil procedure in having to pay things such as medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.

Next time you’ve had too much to drink remember to hand the keys over to a sober driver before you get in that car.

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