Illinois Passes Law To Restrict Cell Phone Use While Driving

Chicago car accident lawyers, Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. applaud the Illinois Legislature for passing a law amending the Illinois Vehicle Code to prohibit anyone from using a wireless cell phone while driving a vehicle within 500 feet of an emergency scene. An emergency scene is defined as one where an emergency vehicle has its emergency lights activated. (House Bill 5099/PA97-0828)

The Illinois Legislature also passed a law amending the Illinois Vehicle Code prohibit commercial drivers from texting and driving. It also prevents motor carrier’s from allowing its drivers to text and drive. The amendment also prohibits a driver from using a hand held mobile phone while driving. (House Bill 5101/PA 97-0829)

Chicago’s ordinances are more restrictive than state law. It is illegal to hold a cell phone to your ear and mouth while driving in Chicago. Texting is also illegal while driving in Chicago. Hands free cell phones and Bluetooth devices are allowed except for teens and school bus drivers. A police officer can pull a driver over immediately if he sees a driver using a cell phone in Chicago. Offenders can be fined up to $200 for texting or talking on a hand held cell phone while driving in Chicago.

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