Pit bull Attacks Police Dog

Yet again, pit bull attacks are in the news in Chicago. Thankfully this time, the attacks were not on a human. According to the Chicago Tribune, last Friday, January 6, Chicago Police Officer Kevin Keel took his police dog, Vvorra, out for training near South Loop. As they walked by a make shift shelter around 4 in the afternoon, two unleashed pit bulls darted out and attacked the 3 year old Belgian Malinois police dog. While two pit bulls darted out of the structure, only one of them managed to bite the police dog. The dog owner was nowhere in site. Vvorra was rushed to the emergency room after being bit on the thigh and nose. Her nose bled profusely. Officer Kevin broke the dogs up just in time. His police canine did not bite the pit bulls back. She had never been in a fight with other canines before.

When the pit bulls owner, Latina Griffin (27), finally came out, she was issued two citations. One citation was for failing to restrain an animal, and the other for failing to exercise her responsibilities as an animal owner. Luckily, Vvorra is fine now and back on duty after two days.

There you have it; another irresponsible pet owner leaves her pit bulls unrestrained. What if it had been a small child walking by the make shift shelter? Would Latin Griffin had been able to run out in time and stop her dogs from attacking a child? Irresponsible owners like Latina are giving pit bulls a worse reputation than they already have. Banning this breed of dog definitely isn’t the answer either. But perhaps, requiring pit bull owners to obtain certain licenses or take certain classes in order to qualify to own one is the solution. Pit bulls aren’t a particularly vicious breed; they just require a lot of extra attention and socialization training from their owners. Chicago injury attorneys Zneimer and Zneimer specialize in dog bite cases, many of which are cause by unrestrained animals like Latinas dogs. If you have been the victim of a dog bite, contact Zneimer and Zneimer for a free personal injury consultation.

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