Pit Bull Attacks Woman In Evanston

The Chicago dog bite lawyers of Zneimer & Zneimer read in the Chicago Sun-Times that an unleashed pit bull in Evanston, Illinois attacked and bit a 70 year old woman. The police were forced to shoot the dog dead. The owner of the dog allowed the pit bull to run off its leash in the vicinity of Dempster and Dodge.

The women who suffered the dog bite was walking her Labrador retriever dog when it was attacked by the pit bull. The women attempted to save her dog when she was bitten multiple times on the legs. The Labrador retriever also suffered bites.

In a three year study done by the national dog bite victim’s group, DogBite.org, it was found from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs accounted for 52 deaths in the United States which was 59% of all deaths caused by dogs. Rottweilers came in second with 14%.

The Chicago personal injury attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C handle many dog bite cases with the vast majority involving pit bulls. In many of our dog bite cases the pit bull was off its own property and roaming an alley or park when it attacked its victim. In one case Zneimer & Zneimer is handling, our client was badly bit by a pit bull while our client was trying to save his beagle from a pit bull attack. In another Chicago dog bite case our firm is handling, the pit bull bit a Chicago policeman responding to the report of the bite to our client. The policeman shot the pit bull four times and the pit bull still did not die.

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