Woman Intentionally Runs Over Bicyclist In Chicago

Tuesday afternoon, after a yelling match with a bicyclist regarding lane space, a female motorist in Chicago revved her engine and intentionally tried to run over bicyclist Tim Heath with her car at the corner of Milwaukee and Diversey. Four witnesses back up the story of the bicyclist. The car ran over the Chicago bicyclist’s foot and leg causing a laceration to his leg. The bicyclist got the driver’s license plate number and turned it over to the police. The police made contact with the driver and made arrangements for her to turn herself in. The police have yet to announce what if any charges will be brought. Hopefully, the police will take the case seriously and charge the driver with aggravated battery like she deserves. With the number of bicyclist injured by cars in Chicago, police should make a special effort to protect bicyclist, for example, ticketing motorists who drive in bike lanes to cut around stopped cars. Maybe that way there will be less Chicago bicycle accidents involving cars.

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