Activist Fights To Make Bicycling Safe In Chicago

Rob Sadowsky has headed Active Transportation Alliance for six years and has worked to make bicycling safer in Chicago. He has recently accepted a job to head the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland. During his tenure at Active Transportation, Sadowsky has advocated for the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois to adopt a “complete streets” policy which means streets that accommodate not only cars but also bikes and pedestrians. The city of Chicago has adopted the policy and now city engineers are trained to take into account bicyclists and pedestrians when designing new roads.

Sadowsky still sees areas where the city is still lacking. One of the top priorities for the Alliance is to have bike lanes in Chicago physically separate from from the car lanes. This is being done in other United States cities and in Europe. After all, a bicycle is no match for a car and Chicago bicyclist are injured by cars every week, especially in the summer. It is simply not safe to ride ones bike down a busy street like Western Ave. in Chicago, though many people do. Many more people would ride bikes in Chicago if it were safe to do so.

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