Injuries Common On Chicago Lakefront Bike Path

As a frequent bike rider on the Chicago Lakefront “bike” path, I can attest that bicyclist injuries are common on the bike path. So are walkers, runners and bladers injuries. The scene is chaotic. Bikers, bladers, runners and walkers are all using the path along the beach. Some parents set up camp with their children on the street side of the path so kids are regularly running across the path. On top of all this some bikers and bladers go insanely fast given the conditions. Add to this, some parents along the Chicago bike path seem to have a death wish for their children and bring their young bicycle beginners to learn to ride among the chaos. I have seen more bloody injuries on the bike path then any where else. I have also seen the aftermath of a fatal bike-blader crash.

Common sense dictates that bladers and bikers need to go very slow when riding along the crowded beaches. Additionally, parents need to watch their kids and keep them from running across the path without looking. Lastly, a parent has to be crazy to take their beginning biker children to learn to ride on the Chicago lake front bike path. The path is not even safe for experienced adults.

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