Two Chicago Men Purposely Crash And Injure Cyclists

Two Chicago men plead guilty to taking turns running down bicyclists in Brookfiled on May 31, 2009. Erik Fabian, 20, and Armando Reza, 18, were out driving when Reza bet Fabian that he wouldn’t hit a bicyclist. Fabian then proceeded to run into bicyclist David Silivis, knocking him to the ground causing scrape injuries. The two laughed about the incident and switched places driving. Reza then proceeded to run into a bicyclist named Juan Gamboa, knocking him to the ground.

Surprisingly, even though they both plead guilty to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident, Fabian got only probation and Reza got only 10 days in jail.

Given the fact that the bicyclists could have easily been seriously injured or killed the sentences seem too light. Bicyclists have enough to worry about without having crazy morons purposely trying to run them down.

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