Chicago Mayor Wants Drivers To Stop At Cross Walks

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed changes in Chicago ordinances in an effort to make streets safer for pedestrians. Currently the law requires motorists to “yield” to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Mayor Emanuel proposes changing the ordinance language to require drivers to “stop” for pedestrians in the crosswalk. The goal is to make it 100 percent clear what a driver is supposed to do when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk. The Chicago injury lawyers of Zneimer & Zneimer have handled numerous cases of persons hit and injured in crosswalks by motorists that did not yield the right-of-way. Anybody living in Chicago probably knows that motorists do not yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and any who assumes that a car will stop for them as they cross in a crosswalk risk serious injury or death. Police vehicles will not even stop for pedestrians. The only way a new ordinance can work to change motorists habits is if police enforce it and to give tickets to drivers who do not stop.

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