New Chicago Bike Lanes Make Biking To Work A Little Safer

New bicycle lanes have been constructed in downtown Chicago. The lanes are marked by flexible posts and run a half-mile on Kinzie Street from Milwaukee Avenue to Wells Street. For a short section of this route, bicyclists are separated from moving traffic by a parked car lane. These are welcome improvements but its only a tiny section of roadway. The rest of the bike route down Milwaukee headed downtown is no more than painted lines that disappear at intersections. The personal injury law firm of Zneimer & Zneimer have represented injured bicyclists in Chicago who were on this Milwaukee route when they were injured. Though Milwaukee Avenue has numerous bicyclists in the morning headed to downtown Chicago, little has been done to make the route safe for bicyclists. Cars and trucks regularly park and drive in the so called “bike lanes” with out any ramifications. When the bicyclists reach any intersection even the meager bike lanes disappear and the bikers are left to their own devices to weave amongst cars and trucks to cross the intersection. The Chicago bicycle injury attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer encourages Mayor Emanuel to keep doing more for bicyclists to make biking safer in Chicago.

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