Saving Animals On The Roadway Can Be Dangerous

Animal lovers teamed with Chicago police and Chicago Streets and Sanitation workers to save a mother duck and her five ducklings who wandered on to Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The mother duck and her ducklings were saved but attempting to save animals on the roadway can also be very dangerous. The Chicago lawyers of Zneimer and Zneimer encourage extreme caution and be aware of the extreme dangers of personal injury or death. On May 30, 2011, Edward Gardner of Naperville, Illinois was stuck and killed by a limousine as he tried to help baby fowl cross I-294.

Chicago Tribune reporter Alissa Groeninger asked an expert what to do. Sgt. Juan Valenzuela of the Illinois State Police advises that if a motorist sees animals in the roadway they should contact state or local police and should never try to clear the animals themselves. He adds that motorists are not equipped with emergency lights or warning devices that the police have so motorists should leave it up to the police or Illinois Department of Transportation workers.

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