Illinois Traffic Deaths On The Rise

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that traffic fatalities are up 9% over this time last year. So far this year in Illinois there have been 533 traffic fatalities on the streets, roads and highways of Illinois. Of these, 156 were killed in alcohol related crashes. In 143 of the fatal crashes, a seat belt was not used. In 110 of the fatal crashes, drivers were involved who were without a valid drivers license or no license at all.

According to Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider: “distracted driving is playing a role.” Schneider notes that despite attempts to make the public aware of the dangers of distracted driving, about 10 percent of the state’s traffic deaths are linked to distracted driving such as texting and driving.

Adding to the number of traffic fatalities was a 70% increase in motorcycle fatalities. The spike in motorcycle fatalities is a nationwide trend that many experts link to the abnormally warm weather during the spring that brought more riders out. To decrease motorcycle deaths, the Illinois State police have announced Operation Rogue Rider which target reckless motorcycle riders on the highways and asks motorists to call police if you spot reckless motorcycle drivers.

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