Spouses Find Pieces of Broken Glass in Their Dessert on a Flight

Jay Caldwell, a physician living in Tucson, Arizona, and his wife, Diana, a retired professor of English, were flying first-class from Chicago to Tucson on American Airlines Flight 1521 on June 13.
On the flight, they were fed well. He said his meal was amazing, consisting of four courses: a salad, an appetizer, a choice of entree and a dessert. The dessert was an ice cream sundae with cheesecake crumbles and raspberry syrup.

While he was eating his delicious dessert, he had a crunchy feeling in his mouth, but he did not know what it was at first. “I couldn’t have broken a tooth,” he thought. “I’m not chewing anything.”
Then he felt around with his tongue and pulled a clear piece of glass about the size of a fingernail from his mouth. At that moment he did what any responsible physician would do. He notified the flight attendant. And what did she do? She offered him another scoop of ice cream.

Logically after chewing on broken glass and fishing the shard from between his teeth, Dr. Caldwell didn’t quite feel like another scoop. Then his wife, also enjoying her dessert, gave him a wifely nudge. And she fished from her mouth another shard of glass. Hers was the same coloring and thickness as her husband’s, but her chunk was larger.

Fortunately, neither of them was injured because of the broken glasses in their food. Nevertheless, they might have been injured if they would have swallowed those shards of glass. This incident shows that there are failures in the airline’s quality control of the food served on the flight and also shows the negligence of the catering in maintaining the standards of safety of their food.

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When they landed, he tried contacting American Airlines and he said he was told by an airline representative that he couldn’t talk to customer relations and the only way he could contact them was via letter or email. But things changed when the airline representative realized he had flown in first-class. Only then was he given a number to call.

The next day, June 14, the Caldwells received a poorly written email from the airline just apologizing and giving a bonus of flight miles. The Caldwells are lucky that neither of them suffered cuts in their mouths and that neither of them swallowed the glass. However, the airline’s response demonstrates lack of responsibility and quality control.

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