Man Confesses to Killing Woman 4 Years After-the-Fact

20-year old Melissa Lech was killed by a hit and run driver in 2008. Police didn’t have leads as to the identity of the driver of the vehicle that struck and killed Melissa as she was walking on the side of the road. Melissa was returning from a night out with friends. Melissa and her friends were returning from a White-Sox game and had gone into a Joliet sports bar. Since Melissa wasn’t of age she walked home and was struck and left on the side of the road to die. Sunday morning David H. McCarthy, 27, of Naperville showed up at Michelle Lech’s Joliet home and confessed to driving the vehicle that killed Melissa Lech. Michelle Lech is Melissa Lech’s older sister. Joliet police arrested David McCarthy Sunday night. “It appeared he was expecting them,” said Joliet police Cmdr. Brian Benton. McCarthy confessed to killing Lech’s sister at her kitchen table and as he was talking Michelle Lech spoke to her husband in polish and told him to get McCarthy’s license plate number. During the years since 2008 the Lech family offered a reward for any leads and the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup to participate in efforts to find Lech’s killer. It is unfortunate that a young woman would lose her life in such manner. Although McCarthy shouldn’t be regarded as brave, it is a relief that Melissa Lech’s killer was finally caught. If you or anyone you know have been involved in a pedestrian accident contact attorneys at Zneimer & Zneimer p.c. for your free personal injury consultation.

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