Center for Disease Control and Prevention Warns Not to Wear N95 Mask While Driving




As the country continues to adapt to COVID-19 and Americans begin to return to the roads, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that drivers refrain from wearing N95 masks, a mask typically reserved for medical professionals, while behind the wheel. While masks have been recommended for situations in which a person is in public and unable to socially distance from others, a driver in New Jersey was found passed out behind the wheel with his N95 mask on. Police believe that wearing the N95 mask for several hours behind the wheel resulted in the incident. While the police say that they cannot be certain the mask was the primary cause of the driver losing consciousness behind the wheel, they have recommended drivers follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s warnings and refrain from wearing N95 masks while driving a vehicle. Dangers on the road have not gone away with COVID-19 and now more than ever it is imperative that drivers are safe and understand how best to protect themselves both on and off the road.

At Zneimer & Zneimer, our attorneys understand that even in the current circumstances around the world, safety on the roads is more important than ever. If you or a loved one are traveling on the road in a vehicle, it is imperative that you not wear an N95 mask due to the potential for disaster. While wearing a mask is an important public health concern, it is important to remember safety in all other aspects of our lives. Even during these times, accidents on the road are still taking place all over Chicago so it is important that drivers do everything in their power to continue safe driving practices and to take care on the roadways.

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