Personal injury is more than physical injury


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Physical injury has a domino effect on our ordered lives. After an injury, first comes the pain, then the need for medical care, and later come medical bills.  Hiring a good personal injury lawyer is an important step to discover and secure evidence and to ensure that medical debt does not negatively impact creditworthiness.

The torrent of medical bills begins very soon after medical treatment for personal injury. A visit to the ER typically results in at least two bills: one from the ER and another from the ER physician.  If the ER doctor orders X-rays, the radiologists will send a third bill for reading the films. If the ER doctor needs a consultation with a specialist, the specialist will send the fourth bill for the consultation.  If an ambulance took the personal injury victim to the ER, the ambulance ride will generate a fifth bill for the day.  Further treatment for the injuries brings more and more bills, loss of wages, decrease in credit score, and loss of the peace of mind.  At some point people start feeling helpless and lost and start asking around how to find a good personal injury lawyer to help them sort out the bills, the property damage, the loss of wages.  They search for “injury lawyer near me” and rely on search engines or referral of friends or family to find the best personal injury lawyer.  We often receive referrals from former clients who send us their friends or family to help.

When the Chicago personal injury lawyers of Zneimer & Zneimer meet with injury clients for the first time, we often receive folders or large envelopes stuffed with unpaid medical bills.  We organize the bills chronologically by date of service to determine whether we have a comprehensive picture of the medical treatment to date.  We also start investigating the facts of the accident to determine whether there are witnesses, cameras, or other facts that can help to identify all responsible parties. We research the applicable law, and the responsible parties’ insurance to determine whether there is insurance coverage for the personal injury accident.  Sometimes, insurance companies may have exclusions and finding insurance coverage may become a challenge.

When a client begins looking for a personal injury attorney too late, some of the evidence may be lost.  For example, cameras are often scheduled on a loop to write over older footage.   Waiting too long to request the footage may result in its loss. Audio calls to 911 are similarly kept a limited period.  Sometimes we have to file a motion for protective order to ensure that evidence is protected from destruction or change.  Waiting too long to investigate the case may result in loss of helpful evidence showing how the accident happened or why the accident happened.   Witnesses may also move and be out of reach.  Involvement of a personal injury attorney as early as possible is important for a favorable outcome of the claim.   What personal injury lawyer is best depends on the case and the client’s preference.  Some clients prefer a law office that is close by so that they can drop in and talk to their attorney.  Some clients may want an attorney who is a good listener.  One thing good personal injury attorneys share is compassion for the injured victim and passion for justice and law.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you with a difficult situation.  Please do not hesitate to contact the personal injury attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer.

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