The 606 Trail Re-opens In Chicago


For those of us who live in Chicago and enjoy a scenic stroll or bike ride around the city we know that the 606 as well as the lakefront trails are the places you want to be. As many of us may know, both of these trails have been closed since March due to Covid 19 restrictions, but recent announcements from the city has given us something to look forward to.[1] Starting Monday, June 26th, both trails will officially be reopened to the public. Now, being that we are still the thick of a global pandemic we must take this good news with a grain of salt. The trails will be open to travelers and exercisers alike between the times 6AM and 7PM and social distancing will be enforced.[2]    Even with the restrictions in place, one  can expect that traffic coming in and out of the trails will boom to extraordinary levels this coming Monday. So, if you are one of the many people who are thinking of re-exploring the great trails this city has to offer when they are reopened there are some things you should keep in mind. No loitering or grouping will be allowed, which means everyone on the trails will have to continue moving forward at all times.[3] Also for the lakefront trails only certain entrances to the trail will be open and bikers as well as walkers and runners alike will have to use the same trail. Also, there will be what are called “social distancing ambassadors”[4] which are people who will be educating the public on safe distancing practices. The safety measures the city are implementing on these trails will do wonders in preventing the spread of Covid 19 but Covid 19 might not be the biggest safety concern in the reopening. With the amount of people in this city that have been on the edge of their seats watching business and parks reopen day by day, we may see a variety of accidents from people going to and from the trails. So, if you are traveling to or from or on the 606 or the Lakefront trails be sure to be careful. If by chance you or anyone you know happens to fall victim to an over enthusiastic trail goer or reckless drivers not expecting the amount of people on the trail, make sure they know their rights and get the proper representation to fight for them.  The lawyers of  Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. handle all sorts of personal injury matter including drivers, bikers and pedestrians that have been injured by others negligence. Please have fun on the trails this coming week and if things take a bad turn, give us a call at (773) 516-4100, we are here to help you.


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