Chicago’s Push For Safe Bike Lanes Slows


In the times of quarantine in Chicago, many of us find ourselves jumping at any chance we get to enjoy the lovely springtime weather. These opportunities seem to be too infrequent to pass up the chance to get a little exercise. If you find yourself outside on one of these wonderful spring days, take a look around you and you will notice you are far from the only one. It seems like every good day we have the streets and paths are packed with runners, walkers and bikers getting every moment they can under the sun. These outbursts of athletic enthusiasm beg the question, is our city truly able to handle the amount of people out and active on the streets? Biking is the prime example where the shortcomings our of cities infrastructure and have caused dark tragedies from our bright moments of exuberance under the sun. This is rooted in our cities failure to even come close to there stated goals for biker safety. This was not always the case with Chicago, eight years ago bikers had every reason to be excited about the way their city was progressing. At that time, the city had plans to identify and make a 645-mile network of on-street bikeways and up until 2015 real steps where taken to build and upgrade biking paths and general biker safety.[1] Also, during that time fatalities from biking accidents where going down and it had never been safer to be a biker in the city of Chicago. Sadly, after that golden age, complacency set in and our city biker safety momentum slowed to a standstill. So, this leads us back to today, where in our brief moments of freedom in a life of quarantine we may be in the more danger than ever. So for everyone who decides to take there bike outside or go for a run or walk around Chicago streets be sure to be careful, there may never be a time where more people are exposed to dangerous conditions all at one time like they are now. If  you or someone you know has been injured trying to stay active in these spring days’ you should make sure they are being treated properly and to make sure that they get the compensation they deserve. That is where we come in. The lawyers of Zneimer & Zneimer are here to make sure that anyone who has been hurt while just trying to stay active in these inactive times should not be forced to face mounting bills that come with being injured in Chicago. Here we will fight for you and the ones you love to make sure that the moments you get to spend in the sun do not turn into years of financial instability and worry.

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